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2010.01.16 07:15 Project/Rockwell Edades
Manila Condo For Sale Rockwell Edades Tower And Garden Villas Cover Letter

July 27, 2009




Weare pleased to invite you to be one of our very first clients to own a unit atour latest development, the Edades Tower and Garden Villas – an iconicresidential tower that promises no less than unparalleled luxury a the heart ofRockwell Center.


Withits modern, iconic architecture, Edades Tower clearly breaks awayfrom local design conventions, displaying an astonishing break-up façade neverbefore seen in local residential developments. Creating a unique and luxuriousenvironment, the project will include a play of chic Garden Villas that boast anew dimension to exclusive city living. Located directly across the Power Plant Mall with exclusive tunnelaccess to the finest retail boutiques and anchor stores, the development willalso have a central piazza which will house select dining establishments foryou to enjoy.


As we come to thefinal stages of project development, we would like to extend to you theopportunity of being one of the first to reserve a unit at the most awaitedresidential tower to rise within Rockwell Center.


To confirm yourintent of purchasing a unit at the Edades Tower and Garden Villas, kindlycomplete the attached Letter of Intentand we will immediately be in touch as soon as plans for your preferred unitbecomes available.


We look forward towelcoming you as part of this pioneering residential project.



posted by Global LK Jimmy Lee MorningManila

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