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2010.01.27 06:28 Project/One Corporate Center
Manila Commercial Office For Sale ONE CORPORATE CENTRE Philippines Investment

The modern urban lifestyle would not be possible without the amenities and
convenience provided by state-of-the-art and world class office environments.
Enhance your corporate productivity, creativity, and adaptability by situating
your workplace in a prime location that provides easy access, plush comfort,
and high-rising expectations for your enterprise.

At the intersection of two main thoroughfares, Meralco Avenue and
Doña Julia Vargas Avenue, stands ONE CORPORATE CENTRE.
It is a 54-storey architectural masterpiece that overlooks the fast-growing
Ortigas Center commercial hub and the suburban communities of the Marikina
Valley but reaches out to the unfettered hillsides of Antipolo and
Laguna de Bay on the horizon.

ONE CORPORATE CENTRE's majestic facade invites both visitors and
tenants to enter a world of brisk and efficient workflows, avant-garde concepts,
and subtle yet inspiring charisma. ONE CORPORATE CENTRE is a pure office
condominium, designed to maximize its physical assets and service systems for
the multifaceted and fast-paced corporate and entrepreneurial functions of
business professionals and captains of industry. Its trailblazing integrated design
caters to a relaxed, leisurely atmosphere conducive to stress-free but productive workday.

It pays well to establish your corporate headquarters or branch office in the most
up-to-date, high-class architectural landmark featuring full environmental controls
and automated convenience. ONE CORPORATE CENTRE beckons as the ideal
investments choice for maximizing your company's potential and growth.

Location Map

World Class Facilities and Unique Features


   • 54-storey office building including 9 parking basements
   • 7 commercial floors for shops
   • Built on a 2,888 sq.m. prime commercial corner lot
   • Bounded by two (2) major thoroughfares in the Ortigas Central Business District namely:
    Julia Vargas Avenue and Meralco well as Jade Drive at the rear.
   • Earthquake-resistance structural design with 5,000 to 10,000 psi reinforced concrete
    columns, beams and slabs, resting on 2,80 m. thick 5,000 psi reinforced concrete mat
   • Helipad provided


   • Imported solar reflective glass for windows
   • Modern unitized glass curtain walls
   • Aluminum composite cladding
   • Imported granite wall cladding at Ground level


  Main Lobby
    • Impressive 5-storey high Ground Floor Lobby
    • Imported granite finish for floor and wall
    • Aluminum composite cladding for columns and end wall
    • Individual mailbox with key for each unit
  Commercial and Office Units
    • Bare concrete finish for floor and ceiling
    • Plaster finished concrete hollow block walls
    • Provision for executive toilet for each unit with one (1) layer of concrete hollow
    block as layout guide
    • 3.60 meter floor-to-floor-heights for commercial and typical office units;3.90m.
    floor-to-floor-heights for office units from 34th floor upwards
  Common Toilets
    • High-quality ceramics tiles on walls and floor
    • Toilets for handicapped persons provided


   • Fourteen (14) computerized high-speed passenger elevators with
    elegant interiors, serving office floors.
   • Two (2) separate passenger elevators serving basement parking floors to
    ground floor lobby.
   • One (1) service elevator serving all floors.


   • 9 levels of basement parking with paging system.
   • Short travel distance between basement floors.
   • Visitors’ parking at Basement-1.


   • Automatic fire sprinkler system with fire and jockey pumps.
   • Underground and elevated water tanks for fire use.


   • Underground cistern and elevated water tanks with potable water supply.
   • Mid-level water tank provided.
   • Individual sub-water meter for each office and commercial unit.


   • Ventilation system for basements and common toilets.
   • Air-cooled condensing unit (ACCU) room for each unit
    (excluding air-con equipment).
   • Air-conditioned basement elevator lobbies.


   • Provision for multiple telephone lines per unit.
   • Provision for one (1) cable TV outlet per unit.


   • 34.5 KV Meralco primary service entrance.
   • 100% standby generator for use in time of power interruption.
   • Power and lighting roughing-ins provided.
   • Individual Meralco metering for each unit.
   • Instant-on, battery-operated emergency lights at critical areas.
   • Lightning Protection System.

AMENITIES (to be owned and operated by the Developer/others)

   • Food Court
   • Executive Dining/Restaurant
   • Function Rooms with audio-visual facilities
   • Gallery overlooking Ground Floor lobby for art and other exhibits/coffee shop
   • Fitness Centre

A Diverse Range of Floor Plans to suit your Needs

Designed by a powerhouse team of world-class practitioners in architecture
and engineering. ONE CORPORATE CENTRE uniquely advances everyone's
dream concept of the ideal workplace with full-featured amenities and conveniences,
as well as with its awe-inspiring panoramic view of the cityscape.

ONE CORPORATE CENTRE incorporates neo-modern architectural concepts that
blend functional efficiency and practicality with avant-garde elegance and environmentally
responsive bio-climatic systems

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posted by Global LK Jimmy Lee MorningManila

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