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2011.07.17 19:04 Condo Sale/Fort Bonifacio
Philippines Manila Fort Global City The Bellagio Condo Condominium For Sale 2 BR 9.2 M 92 SQM

The Bellagio


√ Project Brief
At The Bellagio, an endless stretch of green stares you
in the face-beauty you can almost touch.
Savor it all in a stylish home nestled at the edge of the
majestic Manila Golf Course.
Where every single day begins with a glorious dawn.
And ends with a breathtaking dusk..

√ Location Map

√ Amenities / Facilities
    ♦ Landscaped gardens and view deck at podium deck
    ♦ Horizon edge swimming pool with in-water pool lounge
    ♦ Children’s swimming pool
    ♦ Paved subbathing deck and children’s playground
    ♦ Function room, day-care center, game room and gymnasium
    ♦ Changing rooms



√ Building Facilities / Services
    ♦ Automatic fire sprinkler system for all units
    ♦ Overhead water tank and underground cistern for ample water supply
    ♦ Standby power generator for selected common areas
    ♦ Building administrator/security office
    ♦ Maintenance and housekeeping services
    ♦ Multilevel parking

The Bellagio Condo 2BR Unit Sale Info
Tower 2
2 BR
2 T & B
Maid Room
92 SQM
33 Floor
Un Furnished
Facing is Manila Golf Course View
Sale Price PHP 9.2M

For More Inquire Look For Jimmy Lee
Offiice 632 996 8362
Cell Phone : 63 915 890 7914
E-Mail :

posted by Global LK Jimmy Lee MorningManila

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