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2011.09.05 09:03 Condo Rent/Ortigas
Manila Ortigas Skyway Twin Tower Condo For Rent Rental 2BR Furnished 45K 118SQM

Skyway Twin Tower


The SKYWAY TWIN TOWERS has also been designed as a purely
residential edifice so that its goal will be confined to serving solely the
common and homogenous needs and requirements of its residents,
thereby maximizing the beneficial values of its use.
This further enhances the privacy of residents.
The same can never be true for buildings designed for mixed use.
However, the ground floor and the second floor has been designed for
commercial use which will provide additional support for its residents
daily needs.






  ♦ Amenities at the third floor:
      Swimming pool
      Outdoor children's playground
      Game Room
  ♦ 3 computerized passenger elevators and 1 service
     elevator for each tower
  ♦ 6-level basements for parking use
  ♦ Automatic fire detection and protection system
  ♦ 24 hours security surveillance
  ♦ Elegantly designed lobby and reception counter
  ♦ Centralized garbage chutes
  ♦ Entry phone system for all residential units connected
     to the ground floor reception lobby
  ♦ Cable TV facilities for residential units
  ♦ Closed units TV (CCTV) monitoring camera installed at
     reception area tapped into your TV screen
  ♦ Individual mail box with keys for all residential units
  ♦ Standby generator set to power common area facilities such as elevator,
     pumps nad common area lights
  ♦ Underground water cistern and overhead water tanks for efficient and
     dependable supply
  ♦ Individual electric and water meter per unit
  ♦ Provision for telephone lines
  ♦ Administrative office
  ♦ Properly-ventilated units
  ♦ Room partitioning and interior finishes shall be for the
     account of unit buyers.
  ♦ The units are designed to allow flexibility in floor layout to
     suit occupants needs
  ♦ without sacrificing good ventilation, efficiency, and air circulation

Skyway Twin Tower 2BR Unit Rent Info
28th Floor
2 BR
2 T&B
Maid Room And Toilet
Laundry Area
1 Car Parking
North Tower
Facing is Antipolo , Laguna bay , Fort Bonifacio
Fully Furnished
Rental Price PHP 45,000
2 Month Deposit And 2 Month Advance

For More Inquire Look For Jimmy Lee
Offiice : 632 996 8362
Cell Phone : 63 915 890 7914
E-Mail :

posted by Global LK Jimmy Lee MorningManila

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