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2011.09.06 06:11 Condo Rent/Ortigas
Philippines Manila Ortigas Renaissance 2000 Condo Apartment For Rent 1BR Furnished 80 SQM

Renaissance 2000

Where the cities of Pasig and Mandaluyong meet near the heart
of the Ortigas Complex, The Renaissance Centre stands as a vital
link to business centers, commercial establishments, and
first class recreational and entertainment facilities.
Within the Centre, the Renaissance 3000 is the newest testimony
to the elegance that now highlights a prestigious lifestyle.


√Renaissance Centre Building Features and Amenities

    ♦ Grand Main Lobby
    ♦ Swimming Pool
    ♦ Spa with Sundeck
    ♦ Locker and Shower Rooms
    ♦ Elevator Access at the Parking Floors
    ♦ Modern High-Speed Elevators
    ♦ Parking Space for Tenants and Visitors
    ♦ Driver’s Lounge and Quarters
    ♦ Security Monitors in all Public Areas & Elevators
    ♦ Back-up Central Laundry / Drying Area
    ♦ Centralized Garbage Disposal/ Collection Room
    ♦ Sewage Treatment Plant
    ♦ Generators during power interruption will provide power to
      Two Hi-Speed Elevators
    ♦ Exit Signage
    ♦ Public Access & Common Areas
    ♦ Major Auxiliaries
    ♦ Water Pumps
    ♦ Sewage Treatment Pumps

Renaissance 2000 Condo 1BR Unit Rent Info
16th Floor
80 SQM
1 Bed Room
1 Toilet & Bath
1 Parking
Fully Furnished
Rent Price PHP 26,000
2 Month Deposit 2 Month Advance

For More Inquire Look For Jimmy Lee
Offiice 632 996 8362
Cell Phone : 63 915 890 7914
E-Mail :

posted by Global LK Jimmy Lee MorningManila

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