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2012.06.27 14:13 Condo Sale/Fort Bonifacio
Manila Fort Bonifacio Tuscany Condo Sale 2BR 92.4SQM Loft Megaworld Mackinley Hill Residences

The Tuscany Private Estate


The trickle of a fountain in the piazza. The curves of a palazzo which ripple as fluidly as the valleys. Farmhouses and little towns that hug the coastline. Verdant orchards that yield the finest cuisine. And wines that age as naturally as the Masters’ works. This is Tuscany, touted as the most beautiful region in Italy. As the heart of the country’s wine-producing estates and olive groves, Tuscany draws 31 million tourists every year not only to its laidback countryside but also to its Cities of Art: Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, and San Gimignano. Now Tuscany’s art of living?both natural and manmade?will permeate Manila through McKinley Hill Tuscany Private Estate, the most picturesque village yet to spring from the drawing boards of property giant Megaworld Corporation, the top residential condominium and business process outsourcing (BPO) office buildings developer. The lilting hills of Tuscany will echo in the buildings’ varying heights. The breathtaking architecture of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, will be simulated in the regal arches, stone details, vibrant hues, and wrought iron grillwork. Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s oldest and most famous bridge, inspires a four-level edifice of the same name, which will host residential units. And fittingly, the village will hew to the rolling terrain of McKinley Hill. Through unparalleled amenities, you can fulfill your passions as the Italians do. Soak up the light in the sunbathing lounge. Play a sport and sculpt your body into a Michelangelo creation at Isla Toscana, the center of play amenities. Edify the soul amid the courtyards, lagoon, and greenery of Parco Bello. Browse through boutiques and adorn yourself in the sartorial elegance of Italian fashion. Give in to la dolce far niente?the sweet art of idleness.

Raise to toast to the timeless beauty of Italy’s Tuscany, and celebrate its charmed ambiance in your residence at The Tuscany Private Estate in Mckinley Hill. Rekindle intimacy with life in this picturesque village along Upper Mckinley Road. Where everything exquisits surrounds you. And where you bask in the languor of tranquil days. The romance of balmy nights. And the lushness of natures bounty. The Tuscany Private Estate. Influenced by the artistic heritage that has made Tuscany’s “Cities of Art”?Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano?unforgettable. Crowning your gated 1.5-hectare village are seven Tuscan-Mediterranean-style residential clusters. Majestic with their stone detailing and elegant arches. Varying rooflines. And diverse facades in festive hues. A captivating spectacle is the seventh cluster, which towers 17 stories above the other buildings. Everything exquisite and illustrious about Italy’s Tuscany finds a home at McKinley Hill’s newest community: The Tuscany Private Estate. In this prestigious 1.5 hectare village, a palette of pleasures surrounds you. Seven Tuscan-Mediterranean residential clusters emerge proudly from a nature-rich setting. Where giardini, trees and courtyards bring to mind the rolling Tuscan countryside and its bountiful vineyards. Inside your luxurious villa-style home, take ingenerous views of nature from the balcony and wide windows. Whether from executive studio or a suite with up to three bedrooms. Or a one bedroom loft to a two-level, three bedroom unitat the penthouse.

♦  Recreational Amenities / Facilites:
      √ 15-meter lap pool with paved sunbathing lounge
      √ Wading pool
      √ Parco Bello
      √ Children’s playground
      √ Lagoon park
      √ Fitness center
      √ Male and female changing/shower rooms
      √ Function room
      √ Playroom
      √ Daycare center
      √ Promenade section
      √ Ponte Vecchio


♦  Exterior Finished:
      √ Tuscan-Mediterranean-style residential clusters
      √ Exterior finish features stone details, elegant arches and festive hues
      √ Clusters are varying roof levels


♦  Typical Residence Features:
      √ Prefabricated kitchen cabinet system
      √ Stainless-steel kitchen sink
      √ Solid-surface lavatory countertop
      √ Ceramic tiles for toilet/bath floors and walls
      √ Wood plank laminated flooring for bedrooms and living/dining areas
      √ Exhaust duct system for toilet/bath and kitchen
      √ Provision for hot and cold water supply lines (excluding water heater)
      √ Individual mail boxes with keys
      √ Provision for cable TV lines
      √ Provision for two telephone line per unit
      √ Individual Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT)


Tuscany 2BR 92.4SQM Loft type Unit Sale Info
Tower (Cluster) 4
3th Floor
92.4 SQM
2BR 2 T&B
Loft Type
Un Furniture
No Parking Lot
Sale Price : PHP 7.5M

For More Inquire Look For Jimmy Lee
63 915 890 7914
632 218 9842
E-Mail :

♦♦This Photo is Only Model Unit♦♦

posted by Global LK Jimmy Lee MorningManila

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